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Dedicated to helping you use and modify Edtek

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How To Welcome Pledge
We here at How To are dedicated to helping teachers in the San Jose Unified School District wth all kinds of technical issues. It is our pleasure to assist you in figuring out the software and hardware in order to make you job, and life, easier.

How To: EdTek
This web site is designed to help out teachers and staff with some basic options in Edtek, our district email system.

It is important to understand that this site is generally designed with Edtek 8.3 in mind. While the helpers should work in any version of Edtek, the commands might appear different for older versions.

The one page helpers were designed with Comic Life and can be printed out and distributed to staff through out the district. To the right of the screen you will find links to the websites of First Class: Edtek and to Comic Life. incase you want to download the latest versions.

The topics discussed in this webite are : Changing your Password, Making Folders (to keep emails of the same topic together ), Making Vertical or Horizontal Dividers in your mailbox (again, to put the folders in to separate them form you other messages), and Exporting Emails (because just dragging your message to your desktop makes a shortcut, it does not save your message).

You will find links to these pages to the left of this screen, as well as how to contact the San Jose Unified School District Technology Services Department. Each page will have a link to the other, as well as a link to this page.